My Christmas Tree

Chop Christmas tree.
Half decorations.
Cheeky smile.
Happy family.
No stress about what would break or last.

On another note: plenty space for presents under the tree!

Christmas is Joy.
Christmas is Jesus in our hearts… not us screaming at our kids because the Christmas Tree needs to be perfect for the Instagram audience, or for the overseas Facebook family or just for the visitors… Nah!

My Christmas tree is perfect in the eyes of God because it is the proof that children live in this house… and, between you and me, it is also proof that I have not  being stressed out screaming at my kids like a grinch (oh, well, maybe just a couple of times lol)

I bet God is laughing everytime one of this ornaments break, or my heavy steps make noise on the timber floor running to make sure my son is no chewing on the lights! (catched him twice!!!).

Those half decorations will make me laugh in the years to come, and when my kids see that picture and judge my decorating skills, I will smiled at them and tell them the stories behind it, and every Christmas when they grow and grow I want to make sure they help me decorate the Christmas tree and the stories will multiply, God willing, bringing the Christmas spirit every year in our hearts, remembering that to enter the gates of heaven we will need to be like children… and maybe, one day, if God gives me a long and healthy life, I might see my grandkids crawling around at my -now adult- kid’s home with a half decorated Christmas tree, and smiling at each other I hope my daughters and son will remember my awesome decorating skills.

May God bless our children, yours and mine, and may our kids Guardian Angels keep looking after them every day of their life to secure their presence at the feet of our Lord.

Merry Christmas to all!


Liza, a Maronite Mum

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