Saint Gianna, A Saint For Mothers

Saint Gianna is known to be the Patron of Mothers, Physicians, and Unborn Children. But, little is known that you have a friend in her. A sister as a matter of fact. She is very well known to assist and intercede for women trying to conceive and even for women with complicated pregnancies. It is not strange that she has a special heart for these petitions when she herself was put on an ultimatum by either choosing her own life and extract a tumour in her uterus and end the life of her unborn baby or choose a riskier option to have a different kind of surgery to give the baby the chance to be born. But she didn’t take that decision lightly. She was a Paediatrician, so she knew exactly what she was asking and the amount of faith that that required is out of this world… and, you know what? IT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. God handpicked her, I’m sure.

My own love for Saint Gianna came after I had my first 2 kids and was pregnant with my 3rd. I had 2 kids under 2 years old and pregnant. In all my Catholic life I never heard of a Saint who was also a mother beside Our Lady. I felt somehow all the priests and nuns who were already Saints wouldn’t be able to understand. I knew so many Saints when I was single, but in that stage of life you are not thinking of praying for a Patron of Mothers, right? But I needed one, right now! So I shouted out in a Catholic Mums Group embarrassingly asking: “Who do you go to when you struggle as a mum? When you are overwhelmed and have morning sickness? Who do you approach in prayer?” And the first suggestion in less than a minute was typed: Saint Gianna!

Fast forward 2 years now, I am a volunteer with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Relics of Saint Gianna (@sisterhoodofthetravelingrelics on Instagram) founded in USA by a lovely lady named Jennifer from @adivinemercyencounter. She personally sends 2nd class relics to several volunteers around the world that she receives from Saint Gianna’s daughter: Gianna Emanuella. With the 2nd class relic we touch them to Prayer Cards that then become 3rd class relics. We send these 3rd class relic Prayer Cards free of charge to any person who requests one and that way we are spreading the Devotion to Saint Gianna, a saint sometimes overlooked in Liturgical Calendars worldwide.

As sisters in Christ united by Saint Gianna, we pray together for all who approach us and for each other in times of personal need.

Picture by Instagram account @beyongthepew_

On April 28th we will launch the website for those who would like to request a card from the ministry.

Glory be to God!

And may St. Gianna continue to intercede for us.

Saint Gianna, pray for us!

Liza, a Maronite Mum

Note: Written for @beyondthepew and published in Ablaze Families Facebook Page

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