Waiting for the Lord

Pic by @Thankful.art Instagram Account

The baby is full term now. Our Saviour is coming…

No need for major preparation, He doesn’t need a big party, He doesn’t need a pinterest decorated table, He doesn’t need stocking filled with dozens of presents or presents under the tree… What Jesus need is your heart, your soul and your love to HIM and to the neighbour.

Today, for mums, it could be a very stressful and triggering day.
For those suffering from anxiety this day could be full of it.
For those grieving, this day could be painful.

For those in isolation due to Covid positive or self isolate order, today could be scary and bring a feeling of desolation… but let us remember that the reason for the season it’s MORE than what we see on the screens. You’ll miss extended family, you’ll miss traditions, laughter, the famous “big feed”, the midnight mass or the Christmas morning mass… and you might think Christmas doesn’t feel the same because of these new barriers we didn’t have any other previous Christmas.

But know…


That Jesus was born for YOU, just there where you are.
For you isolating in a small or big space.
For you in Hospital working your shift as a Health Worker or maybe as a patient.
For you in a Nursing Home unable to see your families.
For you at home with money strains.
For you at a big family celebration remembering the missing ones.
For the grieving mother who yearns for a baby.
For the grieving who misses the long gone.

Baby Jesus was born in the most vulnerable way: as a baby who needs His Mumma to nurture Him, and who needs His Father to raise Him in the things of life.

Baby Jesus was born, to grow and sacrifice for YOU. Because, this Christmas it is not what happens outside that matters, but the convertion of YOUR soul.

Jesus wants you to return to HIM, to stay with HIM and to seek HIM… He will give you comfort. He will give you Love. He will give you whatever your heart needs…

But He only needs one thing from you: to say YES to Him the way Our Lady, Mother Mary, said YES nine months ago.

And whatever happens today, keep your eyes on HIM, keep your heart on HIM… and if you DO that, I can assure you you WILL have a very Merry Christmas.


Liza, a Maronite Mum

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