On His Way

The King of Kings,
The Lord of Lords,
It won’t be long,
He is about to be born.

Born in the stable,
Cuddled in a manger,
Born from a Virgin,
St. Joseph no stranger.

Holy family
Sacred night
Divine encounter
Oh, what a gracious night!

Oh, come, let us adore Him!
Our Lord is born
Oh, come, let us kneel down.
For The King of All

Surrounded by nature
Covered by the stars
With the choir of Angels
Under the protection of above.

The Lord is my Salvation
The Lord is my Light
Born as a Baby
He Will soon prove His Might

He will soon know the Cross,
Soon our Salvation will come…
But for now this little baby,
Will sleep quietly to the drum

By Liza, a Maronite Mum

P.S.: Thank you A.C

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