A letter to my daughter

Dear daughter,

We bought your new big bed weeks ago now, but I was putting off the time to put it together because of the task that required: your sister would go to your bed and your sister’s cot would have to be pulled apart and moved to my bedroom to put it all together again, rearranging a few very heavy furniture…

But time went pass and your little brother kept growing and urgently needed his new bed too… so I changed my mind set and didn’t worry about any housework for a day but focused on this task.

After a few minor injuries myself -which affected my mood- and you asking me 1000 times if that was your new bed, I lost it and called your father -who had no idea what I was doing THAT day- to help me.

After I spent an hour unpacking and moving half way furniture, you father showed up and in 10min the bed was set…

Then the rearrangements started: pushing this sofa out, moving the bassinet here, getting the drawer over there, fixing the cot mattress level for baby size and… ALL done!

Ahhh… but that cot…

You left the house and I stayed home by myself, and for the 3rd time in my lifetime this cot needed to change his set up… I remembered when I was pregnant with you as a first time mum and your father was putting it together talking about how you would be a new member of our brand new family…

I remembered puting the mattress down because you were big enough to stand up… then getting a small toddler bed for you because your sister was coming to this world… So the mattress when back up again… and then back down when your sister grew up.

Now, three and a half years later, all 3 of you, my beautiful children, are stepping up to the next stage all at the same time… and me, as your mother, needed time to process it all up… and thousands of days’ worths of memories hit my heart and inundated my mind: since the moment you were born to all of yours and your sister and brother’s milestones…

So, yes, the cot mattress went up again for your brother, your sister is going on her “big girl” bed and you to your “princess” “huge” bed… and once I put all the manchester I noticed something missing and went to get the little bunnies that you love so much… and there they were, waiting for bed time… the only memories of your baby years is that bunny that lost all its “bunny” looks but you still love and therefore I’ll still take care of it for you.

Sleep tight sweet girl, you are growing, and the world is looking terrifying, so before you sleep, do the sign of the cross and pray for your dreams, because in my prayers I’ll be begging God to protect you all in a way that one day I won’t be able to… because if I love you this much, HE loves you even more.


Your mum,

“The Lord keeps watch over you; both now and forever.” Psalm 121:8

Liza, a Maronite Mum

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