New Logo and New Project!

New logo and New Project!

Logo: Simple, refreshing, clean and symbolic.

My 2 year-old son has grown and keeps growing, as well as my two older girls. I no longer carry them in my arms all the time anymore, but I will forever carry them all in my heart.

A mother’s heart is the most flexible organ of the human body. It can carry so many feelings and still weight the same. God is wise. Mothers are His masterpiece, not because we’re better than anyone else, but because the responsibility, the sacrifice, the grief and joy, the love and sadness – all of that, hits mums differently.

The logo is round because a mother labour never stops. Her heart wonders, she always thinks, the to-do list is infinite. Is pink because it’s a very feminine colour which highlights a woman’s importance in life and in the world. A family picture and the Maronite cross in the middle, because we are all guided and protected by Our Lord and Our Lord is, and should be always, at the centre of every work we do.

I thank YOU, my dear followers, for this journey. It hasn’t being easy for you or for me. Many times I wanted to close this account, or take a break, but never did. A Maronite priest once told me, in the middle of my storms, that mothers are very important for God and that with my page, there’s a responsibility that God has put on my shoulders. He also told me to keep going…

So, I kept going.

And here I am, launching Maronite Mum Online Newsletter!! Doing it on the month where we celebrate St. Gianna Beretta Molla, a Saint who has being a tremendous help for me in this motherhood journey.

My social media posting won’t change, but if you want to be part of this new project, please subscribe through Maronite Mum’s Newsletter. Make sure to check your inbox for your confirmation email to finish up your subscription.

And please, share this with your mum friends, married or single women, or anyone who you think would be interested in it! With God’s help I hope this project grows into spreading more blessings beyond Social Media!

Like, share and comment!

But furthermore, please, pray for me and this new project, and thank you for being there supporting it.

God bless you,

Liza, a Maronite Mum (just like you)

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