Another Novena, Another Flower by St. Therese

I have such a wonderful neighbours that every week when the Rubbish Truck empties my bin by the time I’m able to go outside and bring it back home, one of my neughbours has already done it for me.

Today was a bit different. I went out as soon as the Rubbish Truck came and head out to bring my bin back. I opened the front gate and there it was on the concrete floor of the footpath of the street… a flower… a pink flower…

No one knows about this but for the last 9 days my husband and I have being praying the Novena to St Therese for a personal intention. I am actually a couple days behind but during my daily tasks I keep thinking/praying to St Therese for her intercession.

Before I went outside I was actually doing my children’s bed and looking around upset, so I said to myself (and most likely she heard me): “I give up! I don’t care anymore. Whatever happens, happens”… but deep down I was upset also because I felt like St. Therese was not listening to my prayers.

So I left the bedroom, and head out to bring the bin back… and St Therese gave me a wink… On the day 10th after I started the Novena, she, again, gave me a flower, in the middle of winter, after freezing tempetures all around Sydney and non-stop rain… She left me a Pink flower, unique, different, on a time of the year where it is very hard to find around my street…

I still don’t know what will happen with my prayer. I know I doubted her for the 1st time ever because I didn’t believe she would be able to send me a flower in this season… but God always finds a way… Oh !! HE truly does!

And looking at this flower I cannot stop smiling thinking: I am in the hands of God, He is looking after me and my family, and HIS Will, will be done… I just have to have a little bit more Faith.


Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they are? Can any of you, however much you worry, add one single cubit to your span of life? And why worry about clothing? Think of the flowers growing in the fields; they never have to work or spin; yet I assure you that not even Solomon in all his royal robes was clothed like one of these.
Now if that is how God clothes the wild flowers growing in the field which are there today and thrown into the furnace tomorrow, will he not much more look after you, you who have so little faith?
So do not worry; do not say, “What are we to eat? What are we to drink? What are we to wear?” It is the gentiles who set their hearts on all these things. Your heavenly Father knows you need them all.
Set your hearts on his kingdom first, and on God’s saving justice, and all these other things will be given you as well.
So do not worry about tomorrow: tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.'”
Matthew 6, 26-34.


What a promise!!

Are you lacking faith today?
God’s timing is perfect.
His will is perfect.

Let us surrender TRULY to His will and we will see changes happening… starting with our own heart first.

God bless you.

Liza, a Maronite Mum (just like you)

Written in JULY 2022

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