Daylight Savings

With today’s day light savings I feel like I am already late from the moment I opened my eyes.

My children are on schedule to head to Church… but we were taken away a full 59min… oh so much I could get done in those 59min!! But they are already gone before I even opened my own eyes.

I feel on edge trying to get everything ready. Thank God my children are growing and every few months my “baby” bag is becoming more of a toddler bag and less packed. But I still have that overwhelming feeling I have had since I had my first newborn and I had to get 2 or 3 bottles, hot water, nappies (like a lot of them), wipes, extra clothing and then a bit extra more… but my children are no longer newborns.

If when they were newborns I took them to Church, now that they are toddlers and a bit bigger than a toddler, I have to take them even more.

They need to know that no matter what: a Saturday birthday party or wedding, a rainy morning or a hot morning, no matter what is going on in the world or in our schedule, Sundays are God’s day and we need to head to Church.

Our generation is so different now. Children are overestimulared every day with activities, school, homework, etc. If they are always busy, when they will know when to stop? How would they know they have a wonderful God who loves them? How would thet HEAR Him?

Yes, it all starts in the Domestic Church, in my own home, but the feeling of Community, Confession, Baptism, Confirmation and all the Sacraments are given at Church, in His Home… how would our children learn their vocation or if they are called to Priesthood if they don’t see a Priest and feel the Holy Spirit when the blessed priests’ Holy Hands Consecrates the Eucharist?

Our children are not ours, they are given to us so we can handle them back to HIM because when they no longer need bottles and nappy changes, our prayer is the only thing that will protect them and their faith will complete their hearts when we are no longer here for them.

See you at Church (maybe a bit late today).

God bless you all,

Liza, a Maronite Mum.

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